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Looking to re-open your business soon?

As you prepare to re-open your laser/IPL clinic service, Online Laser Training has gathered together several advisory documents to assist you. They are detailed below with a link where you can download each document:

  1. Discussion Document for Resuming Cosmetic Care—charting the client’s journey
  2. Cleanliness, Hygiene, Infection & Cross-infection Control Policy & Procedures—to help make staff and clients feel comfortable and safe
  3. Cleanliness, hygiene, infection & cross-infection control—Frequently Asked Questions—23 fully referenced FAQs
  4. Published advice from the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA)
  5. Looking for respirator masks and hand sanitiser?—a trusted source

I expect that recommendations will change and you should consider registering with the COVID-19 Resource Centre hosted by The Consulting Room Group at www.consultingroom.com/relaunch where you can access FREE support documents and information and monitor evolving advice on restarting your cosmetic business.

Good luck with your preparations to re-open!

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