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IMCAS World Congress January 2023

Dr Godfrey Town Ph.D. co-chaired a 1-hour session on home-use devices with Prof. Peter Bjerring, featuring talks by Dr Christine Dierickx, Dr Muktah Sachdev, Dr Natallia Uzunbajakava and Laurence Newman from currentbody.com.

Christine Dierickx talked about the growing acceptance of home-use laser and IPL devices as ‘companion’ products to professional medical treatments. Natallia Uzunbajakava presented evidence from a recent review study on safety aspects of blue light therapy when assessed from in vivo clinical evidence. Muktah Sachdev described the rising popularity of home use devices in South Asia and some of the side effects experienced in dark skin types. Laurence Newman reviewed the impact of home-use device popularity in Asia, USA and Europe and the growing interest in skin diagnostic devices.

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