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2nd Edition of Contraindications Guide for Light-Based Therapies

Online Laser Training has now released the second edition of this digital guide. It is available from Virtual Beauty Inc as a flip-book and PDF for £20. It is a great quick reference to help you identify potential treatment risks and communicate concerns with your clients.

It tells you what you can do about contraindications and conditions requiring special consideration. Testimonials for this publication include:

“This publication should be mandatory reading for anyone considering the use of lasers or intense pulsed light sources for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.” Prof. Peter Bjerring MD PhD DSc (Med), Professor of Dermatology, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark

“This publication is very important for students and in general for those who are starting or already practising clinically with lasers, IPLs and/or doing LED therapy.” Prof. Mario Trelles MD PhD, Director of the Master of Laser in Medicine and Surgery, Nebrija University, Madrid, Spain

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