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The importance of Manufacturer’s training

Every Class 4 laser or IPL will have specific settings that will produce the optimum results for the treatment outcome and therefore expert certified training for all operators must be included in the purchase with the availability of ongoing training for new operators if required. When choosing a Class 4 laser or IPL, ensure that […]

Invest in Advanced Training

Not all laser/IPL operators have relevant qualifications in advanced laser & IPL technology and application and therefore may not qualify for insurance protection against litigation.  The basic requirements has to include an Anatomy & Physiology course mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) followed by a recognised Core of Knowledge course and specific Level 3-4 NOS […]

Core of Knowledge Laser User updates

Did you know, that your Core of Knowledge Laser User course may need updating? The MHRA, most insurance providers and Local Authorities require that you update your skills continuously in this progressively changing industry including your Core of Knowledge accreditation. Check our Laser Physics & Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser User course to ensure that […]

The Benefits of the Core of Knowledge Laser User course

This is an essential learning pathway for ALL operators of Class 4 Lasers and IPLs and required by many Local Authorities and insurance providers. Choosing the best course that will benefit the laser/IPL user most, depends on the content of the course and how it is delivered. Learners should feel they have achieved maximum useful […]

Invest in yourself!

We know it’s difficult to know what to do when we’re not able to work in the industry we love, even when its temporary. So what better way of putting the downtime to good use. Why not make it productive and invest that downtime in yourself and your career?