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Contraindications Guide for Light-Based Cosmetic Therapies


Contraindications Guide for Light Based Cosmetic Therapies

In seeking to provide safe and effective treatments to patients/clients, the amount of information gathered during the consultation process is extensive. Identifying contraindications to laser and IPL treatment is an important first step in reducing the risk of an adverse incident.

This digital guide provides an easy to use Quick Reference Guide and details of what should know and what you should do about contraindications and conditions requiring special consideration.

A great quick reference to help you identify potential treatment risks and communicate concerns with your clients

Dr. Godfrey Town

Written by Dr Godfrey Town PhD, Registered Clinical Technologist and programme author for Online Laser Training

The digital guide is available in both PDF and online flipbook versions.

You can buy both versions for just £20.

Guide Contents

Warning to United Kingdom users
Policies & procedures
Policy—to be used for all cosmetic laser and intense light source treatments
Procedure—to be used for cosmetic laser and ILS treatments
Obtaining client consent prior to treatment—policy & procedure
Conditions requiring special consideration—Extreme caution
Conditions requiring Serious Consideration
Drug interactions in laser & ILS therapy
Medicines with photosensitivity
Photosensitive drug ‘wash-out’ periods
The effects of alcohol
Pre & post treatment photographs
Key points quiz
Quick Reference Guide
Appendix 1: Guidance on photosensitive medication
Appendix 2: Other drugs that may cause Photosensitivity