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Answers to Contraindications Quiz

What is an ‘absolute contraindication’ in light-based therapy?
[check all that apply]
  • A health-related illness where treatment is avoided completely
  • A situation where a drug should not be used because it may be harmful to the person
  • Active infection on involved skin in the intended treatment area
  • Treatment over irritated or inflamed skin
What is a condition in light-based therapy that may require ‘serious consideration’?
[check all that apply]
  • A condition that should be explored further prior to commencing any treatment
  • A medication that raises doubt in the practitioner’s mind about treatment
  • A condition requiring specialist training before treating
  • A condition with ‘protected status’ under equality legislation
Which of the following are an absolute contraindication to light-based therapy?
[hint: 2 answers]
  • Pregnancy
  • Cancer
  • Recent exposure to UV radiation
  • Blood borne infections such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS
  • Active infection / disease
Which of the following is true about consent policy and procedure?
[hint: 2 answers]
  • Consent must be obtained before commencing any treatment
  • Giving and obtaining consent is a one-off event
  • Clients cannot change their mind and withdraw consent once given
  • Clients need sufficient information before deciding to give consent
When can I treat a client taking oral Retin A?
  • One week after stopping the medication
  • Immediately after stopping the medication
  • Never
  • Six months after stopping the medication