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The importance of Manufacturer’s training

Every Class 4 laser or IPL will have specific settings that will produce the optimum results for the treatment outcome and therefore expert certified training for all operators must be included in the purchase with the availability of ongoing training for new operators if required. When choosing a Class 4 laser or IPL, ensure that […]

Invest in Advanced Training

Not all laser/IPL operators have relevant qualifications in advanced laser & IPL technology and application and therefore may not qualify for insurance protection against litigation.  The basic requirements has to include an Anatomy & Physiology course mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) followed by a recognised Core of Knowledge course and specific Level 3-4 NOS […]

Core of Knowledge Laser User updates

Did you know, that your Core of Knowledge Laser User course may need updating? The MHRA, most insurance providers and Local Authorities require that you update your skills continuously in this progressively changing industry including your Core of Knowledge accreditation. Check our Laser Physics & Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser User course to ensure that […]

The Benefits of the Core of Knowledge Laser User course

This is an essential learning pathway for ALL operators of Class 4 Lasers and IPLs and required by many Local Authorities and insurance providers. Choosing the best course that will benefit the laser/IPL user most, depends on the content of the course and how it is delivered. Learners should feel they have achieved maximum useful […]

2nd Edition of Contraindications Guide for Light-Based Therapies

Online Laser Training has now released the second edition of this digital guide. It is available from Virtual Beauty Inc as a flip-book and PDF for £20. It is a great quick reference to help you identify potential treatment risks and communicate concerns with your clients. It tells you what you can do about contraindications and conditions […]

Dr Godfrey Town Ph.D. RPA2000 certification revalidated

Godfrey has had his dossier of evidence accepted and assessed by the Board of RPA2000 and his certification as a Laser Protection Adviser has been revalidated for a further 5-years from May 2023 to April 2028. This certification covering “Medical, Research & Teaching” is recognised by the MHRA (UK’s medical regulator) and by UK councils, […]

Over 3,000 graduates achieve ‘Core of Knowledge’ certification

Between July 2014 and February 2023, OLT reached 3,000 successful graduates of its quality-assured online Laser and IPL ‘Core of Knowledge‘ training course. Certification as recommended by the MHRA and required by numerous UK councils, devolved jurisdiction regulators and insurers. This foundation course ensures that laser/IPL users meet the requirements of The Control of Artificial […]

IMCAS World Congress January 2023

Dr Godfrey Town Ph.D. co-chaired a 1-hour session on home-use devices with Prof. Peter Bjerring, featuring talks by Dr Christine Dierickx, Dr Muktah Sachdev, Dr Natallia Uzunbajakava and Laurence Newman from currentbody.com. Christine Dierickx talked about the growing acceptance of home-use laser and IPL devices as ‘companion’ products to professional medical treatments. Natallia Uzunbajakava presented […]

Board of Laser Safety recognises OLT course

Online Laser Training is proud to announce that the U.S. version of our Laser/IPL Physics and Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’ course has been awarded 1 Board of Laser Safety (BLS) Certification Maintenance (CM) point. This accreditation expands our official recognition on the U.S. continent, and makes our Laser/IPL Physics and Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’ course […]

European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 2021

Dr Godfrey Town presented a paper on “EBD as home devices—effects and risks” at the session “Energy based devices: Body contouring and tightening” and chaired the session “Home-use devices HUD for acne—The Evidence” where he presented a paper on “Device market and regulation”. World-renowned speakers at these two sessions included Dr Christine Dierickx, Prof. Peter […]